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Civil Engineering- Shivneri Polytechnic

Fully equiped with latest equipments !


The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory provides opportunity to acquire

necessary skills for performing appropriate laboratory experiments on the soil samples

to determine the physical and engineering properties of the samples using modern tools

available in the lab. Students also get hand-on experience with the way of testing

procedures, analyzing the tests results and using the results in preparing a technical soil

report. It also encourages the practical research activities in geotechnical engineering

for students.

Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  2. Casegrande’s Apparatus with Grooving Tools
  3. Desscicator
  4. Oven
  5. Cylindrical Core Cutter with Dolly
  6. Pycnometer
  7. Evaporating Dish
  8. Permeability Mould


Engineering Mechanics is very important in many areas of engineering and science as

loads, efforts, reactions, types of beams, Fly wheel, Jib Crane, etc which can help to design of

beam and other structural members of buildings.

Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Moment Distribution Apparatus
  2. Single Purchase Crab
  3. Simple Screw Jack
  4. Beam Reaction Apparatus
  5. Vehicle Screw Jack
  6. Differential Axle And Wheel
  7. Universal Force table
  8. Simple Jib Crane
  9. Double purchase Crab


The Material Testing Lab gives practical knowledge to student for improving their skill.

This lab is also used for consultancy. The subject of mechanics of structures involves analytical

methods for determining the strength, stiffness (deformation characteristics), and stability of the

various members in a structural system.

Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Universal Testing Machine
  2. IZOD/CHARPY Impact Tester
  3. Brinell Cum Rockwell Hardens Testing Machine


The Civil Engineering environmental lab gives you hands-on access to both

conventional and state-of- art equipment for the study of the physical, chemical, and biological

analysis of water and. The lab is used extensively for environmental courses where water and

wastewater experiments are performed, including coagulation, solids analysis, metals and ion

analysis, adsorption, titrations, oxygen demand and bacterial culturing

Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Distillation Apparatus
  2. Jar Test Apparatus
  3. BOD Bottles
  4. COD Reflux Apparatus
  5. Chloroscope
  6. Digital Turbidity Meter
  7. Digital PH Meter with Electrode
  8. BOD Incubator

Surveying Lab

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the instruments and tools that students use

throughout the surveying course. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both

traditional and modern instruments and demonstrate their proficiency on weekly lab exercises

and a comprehensive semester project and final exam. Each lab group - has a dedicated set of

instruments to use, including auto level, theodolite, and total station. Each group also has level

rods, tripods, tape measures, chaining pins, and other common surveying tools and ancillary


Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Total Station
  2. Vernier Transit Theodolite
  3. Auto level
  4. Plane Table
  5. Digital Planimeter
  6. Prismatic Compass
  7. Line Ranger
  8. Alidade Set
  9. Dumpy Level



Concrete Technology provides information on concrete and its properties, mix design,

cracking, durability, high strength, prestressed concrete, precast concrete, fresh concrete ,hard

concrete, Ready mix, SCC, special types of concrete, sulphate attack etc.

This Laboratory facilitates many tests on fresh as well as hardened concrete. The relation

between the theoretical design expectations and actual performance of the designed mix concrete

is a very effective learning exercise which is being carried out in this Laboratory.

Equipments in the Lab-

  1. Aggregate Impact Test Machine
  2. Compaction Factor Apparatus
  3. IS Sieves
  4. Flow Table
  5. Oven
  6. Vicat Apparatus
  7. Thickness Gauge & Length Gauge
  8. Cube Moulds